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Danny  Nessim

Danny Nessim

Head of Group Health Benefits

Daniel Nessim is the president of A&C Management and a partner with Bridge Benefits Group . Daniel heads up the corporate health benefits division.

Mr. Nessim joined the accounting firm of GGK in 1987 and served in the audit department for the next four years. In 1991, Daniel made the professional move to the insurance and financial industry .

Daniel Nessim has being working in the insurance industry for over 20 years. Mr. Nessim has served as a trusted financial professional and insurance consultant to many major firms in the accounting media and legal profession.

He lectures around the country at Accounting and HR seminars about the ongoing changes in the health benefit market.

Distinguished for his analytical skills in finding new sophisticated plans, Mr. Nessim helps employers find ways to keep high quality benefits for their employees and at the same time maximize savings.

Mr. Nessim has been a member of the National Association of Health underwriters since 2000.

He and his wife, Audrey , an accountant ,and his two children reside in Jericho, NY.

*Bridge Benefits Group and A&C Management are separate entities from LPL Financial